Pinar del Rio Grants the City Seal to Alicia Alonso

Alicia Alonso Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio, Cuba.  The absolute Prima Ballet Dancer Alicia Alonso has received the Honorary Membership to the local Veterinary Scientific Council in a ceremony to remember her late father, the Dr. Antonio Martinez Arredondo on the 125th anniversary of his birth.

Cultural celebrities from the province came together for the event, among them was Pedro Pablo Oliva, National Prize for Handcrafted arts, the writer Mrs. Nersys Felipe, awarded with the Home of the Americas prize and the prestigious painter Mr. Humberto Hernandez.

Likewise members of the Lyrical company of Pinar del Rio offered the Director of the National Ballet Company a vast repertory of Ernesto Lecuona and Pedro Junco works, author of the world wise famous romantic song “Nosotros.”

With profound and emotional words, Alicia Alonso reminded that her  father was an eminent veterinarian doctor in the 40’s who usually talked to his children about the Cuban Cinderella, nick name by which Pinar del Rio was known before 1959.  “My father always said that Pinar del Rio couldn’t be Cuba’s Cinderella anymore,” said Alicia.  He would be very proud with the remarkable work you have done here, that’s why it’s a pleasure to thank you all on his behalf.

The tribute to Antonio Martinez Arredondo falls inside the project named “Historic Memory” proposed by the Veterinary Scientific Council of Pinar del Rio in an attempt to highlight the most relevant scientific and cultural figures of this province.

The Doctor Antonio Martinez Arredondo was born on October 25th 1885.  Under his belt as veterinarian doctor it is worth to note his works and efforts to improve Cuban horses by enhancing the breeding process.  Another moment that made him transcend his own time was his conservationist study directed to the future generations of Cubans to preserve the genetics of the horse rode by General Maximo Gomez in our independence war.

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