Pinar del Rio Grants the City Seal to Alicia Alonso 2

Alicia Alonso Pinar del Rio 2

The Pinar del Rio City Seal, the highest distinction of this territory was granted to the Director of the National Ballet Association (NBA), Mrs. Alicia Alonso for her long lasting cultural ties to this province.  The Prima Ballet dancer will receive such recognition this November 22nd 2012, during a special performance by the NBA in the Jacinto Milanes theatre.  Her known love for the environment will also be mentioned during the award ceremony.

The proposal to grant this award to the Diva came from Pinar del Rio’s Veterinary Scientific Council.  This institution appointed her as an “Emeritus Member,” for the artistic trajectory of Mrs. Alonso and also her affectionate care for animals.  It was dedicated to the memory of her late father who was a veterinarian doctor.

During her last visit to the province of Pinar del Rio this past June, she expressed her gratitude for the affection she always noticed from locals and also highlighted the pleasure of every visit to the province.

The special performance by the NBA is expected to open with Giselle’s first act together with fragments from Swan’s Lake and end up with Don Quijote in Alicia’s personal version.

Reputed interpreters like Yanela Pinera, Estheysis Menendez, Dayessi Torriente, Ariani Martin, Gabriela Mesa, Victor Estevez, Camilo Ramos, Miguel Anaya, Gian Carlo Perez and Luis Valle will attend the ceremony.



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