Enjoy “Vegas Robaina”




I arrived at El Pinar, in San Luis, Pinar del Rio, on Thursday, the fourth of July this year.  After the warm welcome given to me by Hirochi Robaina, I decided to accept the invitation and spend a few days in this wonderful place with a desire to enjoy the geography of the land and a wonderful cigar that is given away to friends who visit around here.

“Don Robaina around the World.”

The ideas here run fast from the heart to the leaf and inspire me… then I write:  The “El Pinar” farm is the place that gave birth to the Vegas Robaina cigar brand… and while I enjoy one of these Habanos, Hirochi Robaina and I gaze at the day that has just begun… another one that always gives me an unexpected gift from this valley.  On this opportunity, Hirochi tells me about Don Alejandro, his grandfather, and the trips he made around the world.  After touring the farm we sat on the right side of the porch that surrounds the house, which was Don Alejandro’s favorite spot, and the place where many memories converge.  Robaina’s heir tells me that he had the pleasure of visiting several countries along with his grandfather.  “My grandfather, despite difficult times, had the power to enjoy and take advantage of the positive aspects of the life he was given… every trip was a challenge for him and sometimes I would be scared because I was very worried about his health due to his age…”  He pauses in his dialogue with me.  For a few minutes, I look at the environment around us, the yard, the garden, the walk-way under the palms and I know about his nostalgia… the silence also expresses feelings and longing. He sips the steaming cup of coffee, looks at me and goes on.  “He knew how to endure the exhausting hours of plane travel, surrounded by clouds… and could counteract the hardship of the situation, somehow managing to make his trips enjoyable, long crowned by a pleasant and instructive conversation.  Because whenever he could, he would advise me about growing tobacco.”

I take time to observe the interesting photos:  Hirochi and Don Alejandro riding camels in Egypt, wandering the waters in a Venetian gondola on one of the visits made to Italy… at a gala dinner in Spain, both of them in the iconic Eiffel Tower… and then I perceive through these images how the “Don” influenced everything and everyone around him.  I saw photos and realized how much his captivating personality conquered those who surrounded him and once again I think about his name:  Alejandro.  Unlike the Macedonian who managed a vast empire through strife and war… he was able to forge it through the alliance with Mother Nature.  Unearthing her secrets, he converted them into delights that were shown to the world and throughout the universe.














I look at photos of Alejandro Robaina with ambassadors, with a group of admirers in India, with personalities from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.  I am entranced when I see him in Argentina, next to the statue of Carlos Gardel, the Morocho of Abasto who sadly passed away without ever tasting a Vegas Robaina.  Then, Hirochi shares with me that on the pilgrimage to the resting place of the “El Zorzal Criollo, Gardel, the “Don” placed a cigar between the King of Tango’s fingers while visiting his statue.

Evening falls, and now the aroma of the “Alejandrino” surrounds me, reminding me of the art of achieving a cigar that sings between my palate and fingers… and I think about the incredible amount of people who appreciated this walk of Don Robaina around the world.

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