The Mecca of Tobacco

Nearing the far southwest of the island of Cuba, there is a vast territory, crowned with extraordinary natural landscapes and a land that is known for being the best for tobacco

In this privileged region, also known as the Vuelta Abajo, the Turn Down, is the village of San Juan and Martínez, referred to, not without reason, as the mecca of tobacco. The Spaniard José Gener Batet arrived here in the year 1860, for whom the irreplaceable leaf should be named.

Not many years had passed before it was known that this ground was divinely blessed for the cultivation of tobacco.

In this way, forming the geography of this land, creating a world of legends and traditions, the tobacco houses gave the landscape of these properties a unique touch that over the centuries has become one of distinction.

In addition to the glorious name of José Gener, followed others that enrich the tobacco history of Cuba and the Vuelta de Abajo: Alejandro Robaina, Lim Paz, “Pancho” Cuba, Héctor Luís Prieto…and within the new generations of tabaqueros the last name Robaina maintains it’s continuity in the form of Hirochi, heir and grandson of Don Alejandro (Robaina).

Like a grand mosaic that includes Cuchillas de Barbacoa and the El Pinar estate, lies the place where the majestic brand Vegas Robaina was born, alongside Hoyo de Monterrey and other rich and exuberant farms from this enchanted land. This great tobacco puzzle formed from cities of agriculture, deserves to be named, for its history and perseverance, La Meca del Tabaco, The Tobacco Mecca.

-Lic. Armando Álvarez