Chosen For Pleasure

Have you thought about how much pleasure a good cigar gives us? Experts say that a cigar activates all the senses, I invite you to test it.

A fine cigar is, first pleasing to the eye when we admire the band selected with its box, rings, and ratings. Then it pleases the touch when we feel the texture of the layers.

The third sense flattered by a cigar is sound, when we hear the soft crinkle as we caress it with all our fingers. Of course the other sense that delights in a cigar is the sense of smell as we inhale that aroma that leaves no room for question. And finally, taste, as we relish that flavor which satisfies from the first puff. A cigar provokes daydreams when hypnotized, we observe that smoke that rises to infinity, greedy to conquer other lairs. However, to achieve the sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste all contributing to the greatness of a fine cigar, it is vital to think of sleeplessness, delivery, systematicity, consistency, and will; as elements that when combined, take us to the exquisite cylinder. This cylinder that for our enjoyment should expire, bit by bit, in the fire that satisfies us, and at the same time consumes it.

The tobacco, even in its seed form, even under the pin of the machine that completely changes it to give it shape, even when it sacrifices itself to burn and die so that incomparable sensations rise and are made to last. It will be, from its beginning, chosen for pleasure.

Lic. Armando Álvarez