Many Words

To summon it is to think of rites and mysteries, to imagine a whole cult of excellence, to think of it is to paint colors in praise to its refinement and delicacy.

It is an Aboriginal word, tobacco, but it surpasses the limits of its legend, history, and art, to do the day to day necessities. From the depths of fertile lands it breaks furrows to search for the sun. It brings within it the scepter of magnificence, crowned, until it conquers the infinite, converted by the magic of fire into fantasies of smoke.

To mention a cigar is to forget the semantics and focus on the senses of enjoyment. It is also to feel appreciation for the hands that took part, magical and confident, in a complex process that has as its destiny, a fire that kills so as to become aroma and delight.

Is it synonymous with the divine? Does it magnify and lighten life, does it lighten your step? What’s more, it is a word that encases very much in synthesis, the best poetry, the precise flattery, the epithet that compliments. A cigar is a horizon, what cannot be touched by a mere stroke. It becomes owner and executioner, it is palate and good taste, host and companion. It is, in the end, not just one, but many words.

Lic. Armando Álvarez